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Select Services for Your Home or Business
  • Shrub pruning and Shaping

  • Ornamental tree Pruning

  • Fertilize beds with compost

  • Amend beds with top layer of bark mulch

  • Provide organic fertilizers to your beds

  • Spring clean-up of all beds and property

  • Re-edging of existing or newly designed beds

  • Laying of new drip edges, for proper bed erosion

Customized Maintenance Services
  • Install and repair drip irrigation services

  • Re-design any perennial beds

  • Re-design any landscape beds

  • Installation of trees, shrubs perennials and annuals

  • Transplants of healthy plants and shrubs

  • Customize any theme garden for your landscape

  • Maintenance program of weed control


Click here for our customized maintenance programs.

Garden Coaching

Keepers of the Garden are here to help you sort through your options. Whether you are maintaining your existing garden or forging entirely new landscapes, learn what thousands of home gardeners have learned through trial and error; a little expert advice goes a long way.

The primary job of a Garden Coach is to take a personalized interest in understanding your goals. Our final plan will reflect your personal taste and be tempered by the practicalities of implementing a successful design plan.


Your Garden Coach will work side by side with you to:

  • Guide your visions to develop an action plan that will transform your garden through the creation of satisfying composition and strong visual statements.

  • Create outdoor living spaces that merge your 'interiorscape' with your backyard sanctuary. Plan designated areas for outdoor dining and entertaining, sitting gardens, entertaining gardens, and peaceful retreats.

  • Transform a mature garden, enhance a front entrance way, or add a new specialty garden such as a cutting or herb garden.

  • Teach helpful horticultural tips including garden feeding and pruning techniques to promote plant health and optimal bloom.

  • Visit your property to identify plants, make recommendations to relocate or replace, and offer advice on new purchases.

Consultation: Your initial consultation will include recommendations that you as the homeowner can execute independently, or it may be an individual plan of referrals that are part of a strategy that Keepers of the Garden may help implement. 

We hope to guide your visions into an action plan reflecting your personal taste.  

Consultation Cost:  $175 for up to two hours of consultation work onsite as well as a customized detailed summary follow-up of property via email.  Pictures will be documented for any future design work. 

Design sketch work is separate with layout for a planting and $75 credit on $3,500 planting job. 

$100 due on day of consultation remainder after written summary is completed.

Click here for coach and consultation services.

Selling a Property

Did you know that it takes a potential buyer eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a home's appearance?  It's true!  A property's outer fascade - it's curb appeal - is often the deal maker or breaker when it comes to buying a home.


Give property values a boost!  We are experts in the art of adding curb appeal.  We guide real estate agents and homeowners wishing to give the value of their property that extra lift.  Regardless of the size of the job, we guarantee the following expert garden-coaching services:


  • Return your property to resale.

  • Replace overgrown shrubbery with flowering foundational plantings to add color and drama.

  • Sort through options for improving an existing landscape.

  • Make a strong visual statement by enhancing your front entrance.

  • Create outdoor living spaces that merge your "interiorscape" with your backyard sanctuary.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Hire a garden coach from Keepers of the Garden to instill a face lift to your landscape and instantly turn a For Sale sign into a Sold Sign!


For our regular customers, Keepers of the Garden offers "Extended Services." 

Click here to learn more. 



Women owned and operated who will help you reach your greenest aspirations.
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