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Hello spring, are you almost here?

Hello spring, are you almost here?

Under the blanket of snow our gardens are at rest. However, this does not mean the gardener should remain idle. There are certain chores you can do this time of year to prepare for the spring season.

The most important creative job a gardener can do is a task I call “garden in review”. This simply means you are going to create a journal for the past three seasons of your gardens or foundational landscape, and write down the plants or shrubs that are problematic and note the ones that bring satisfaction.

Perhaps the front of your home has tired old shrubs that have no added value to your entrance. Or the front walkway garden is overgrown and lacks charm. Then this is a time to use your time wisely, by looking thru new and old magazines for ideas of planting combinations that appeal to you.

Keep in mind, of course your soil, lighting and watering conditions when choosing a planting. Keep a binder of all the ideas that appeal to you and make a log as to why you feel drawn to a particular look.

Nothing restores the senses of a gardener, than a fresh new look to embark upon in Spring.

Remember, if you need assistance in coordinating and implementing your new plans, then consider hiring your Garden Coach “Tellus” a garden goddess to assist in your design.

Welcome to Keepers Garden Treasures!

Here is a small sample of garden and gift related metal items we have for sale. You can find any of our selected gifts at “Gloria’s Possibilities” on Main St. in Nashua, NH.

You will love visiting this old Victorian building filled with old and new gift items; from antiques to our metal gifts and chalk painted furnishings. This is a find in downtown Nashua.


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